Are you looking for the tools that will help you make your startup a great one and bring you the profit that you anticipated during the inception of the idea of the startup? Well, you need not worry because the internet is full of such solutions. But, you need to know which one is the best to be used for your business.

• You will need the business to function well and for that, it is essential that you have a panel of board members. However, to manage the functions of the board members you would need an app and provides you just that. It provides a secure login and can keep the minutes of the meetings, the contacts of the members and can do a lot of things.

• The Pipedrive is the tool that makes it easy for your sales personnel to keep track of all the sales made. This helps them remain connected to each other as well as you.

• Google Docs helps you share the documents with your partners, clients and that too in a secured manner.

There are many other tools of this sort that will help you organize your business well and keep track of everything happening in and around you.