The most important thing for any business is to let the people know that they exist. This is not the era when there are a limited number of businesses, and you just need to build one, and the clients will come. Today, you need to reach out to your potential customers to get your business off the ground. The things that will help you get the best results are

When should you launch your startup?

You must always plan about the timing of the launch of your startup. Making the entry at the right time is necessary. You must time it according to the media coverage and also around the activity of your competitors.

Find your hook(s)

It is important to have a hook so that your startup gets the enough amount of media attention. You have to think out of the box to think of something that will get the attention of your potential client because this is what matters to media too.

Get the right journalists as well as influencers working for you

Choose the journalists that are related to the niche of your business. Just sending your press release to each of the journalists that you know of is not a good idea. Apart from that, you need to target the influencers who will keep the news afloat for long.

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