Many people would do anything for their startup to flourish into a money making business. But, doing anything is not that will get you to the place that you want. Here are the people who have been there and did that to become few of the most revered names in the world of business.

Elon Musk: he is the CEO of Tesla, Space X, and Solar City and advocates the importance of taking feedback. You must get as many opinions about your business as you can and then use them to improve your business.

Steve Jobs: this CEO of Apple Inc. puts emphasis on the love of you and your employees for the business. You must look for the employees that can keep the company before their interest and then only they can bring positive change to your company.

Steve Ells: the CEO of Chipotle emphasizes on starting a business that is based on your passion and then learning from the best in the field to get the ins and outs of the business.
Richard Branson: Virgin Airlines founder puts emphasis on strategy apart from the passion for the business that you want to start. He believes that you need to bring right experience and give something different for the business to become successful.

Jerry Murrell: CEO of “Five Guys” started his fast food business late, believes that you need to put more stress on the business itself. You need to treat your customer right, and you will reap the benefits without wasting money and energy on other stuff.
Josh Manion: He is not only a CEO of Ensighten but also a chess master and believes in planning a strategy before venturing into any business.

Similarly, Ron Bodkin, CEO of Think Big Analytics and Vincent Mifsud, CEO of ScribbleLive is all for planning and strategy as well as flexibility that would let you make amendments to your business according to the need.

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